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As you explore the promising world of psychedelic healing, the MAPS Canada Podcast is your resource for science-based information, learning, and invigorating conversation! Tune in to keep up to date with the international psychedelic movement.

MAPS Canada works with partners in government, business, and the community to advance equitable access to legal and regulated psychedelic medicine in Canada by supporting scientific, multidisciplinary research; advocating for drug policy reform; offering public education.
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  • Introducing the MAPS Canada Podcast

    April 15th, 2021  |  3 mins 57 secs

    Whether you're curious about psychedelics, skeptical of their benefits, or even an experienced psychonaut yourself - this podcast will aim to highlight everything you need to know to navigate their role in our society. Hit subscribe! We'll be releasing new episodes every third monday of the month starting on April 19th.